On 15th May, 2014, First Avenue hosted its inaugural investor conference at The Munro boutique hotel in the leafy suburb of Houghton in Johannesburg.  The agenda included talks by our International advisory panel members who are experts in their respective industries.


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Please find below links to the presentations of the day:
“The Behavior of a High Quality Portfolio”, Lo Nc. Giyose, Chief Investment Officer, First Avenue Investment Management
“The Global Banking Industry, A Challenged Future”, Brian C. Mck. Henderson, Foundeder and Partner, Henderson International Advisors LLC
“The Roar of the Tiger (Brands)”, Nick Dennis, CEO Lodestone Brands
“Shareholder Value & Economic Moats”, Pat Dorsey, Founder, CEO Dorsey Asset Management
“March Vini Catena-The First Global Equity Fund Specializing in the Value Chain of Wine”, Jose L. Jimenez, CEO March Gestion Asset Management

Also, below media coverage of the event:
“How will investors rate and value banks in the future?”, Brian c. Mck. Henderson (Moneyweb)
“The story of the world’s first equity fund focused on wine”, Jose L. Jimenez (Moneyweb)
“Jose Jimenez – CEO, March Gestion de Fondos”, Jose L. Jimenez (Moneyweb)
“Impact of bank regulation on risk taking in the US”, Brian c. Mck. Henderson (CNBC Africa)
“How to find the best wines”, Jose L. Jimenez (CNBC Africa)
“Ex-Tiger Brands MD Nick Dennis’ war stories”, Nick Dennis (Financial Mail)