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The US economy is speeding ahead

First Avenue’s CIO, Hlelo Giyose, recently spoke to Ryk Neethling of Moneyweb on the state of the global economy and positioning of our fund for a more uncertain world.  Click here for to listen to the interview.

702 Stock Pick Monday – Nadim Mohamed

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Nadim Mohamed, Investment Analyst at First Avenue Investment Management on 23 July, 2018.  Mohamed spoke about 3 companies: Dis-chem, Richemont and Microsoft.  To listen to the full interview, click here.

First Avenue Institute Girls Winter Camp 2018

In July, 2018, the First Avenue Institute again hosted 20 girls for a 1 week Tech camp focused on increasing their awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. This being our fourth year of hosting the camp, we decided to expand the programme and recruit candidates from underprivileged schools in […]

Country in Checkmate

Hlelo Giyose recently spoke to Ryk van Niekerk from Moneyweb about South African and global politics and its potential impact on the market.  Click here for a transcript of the interview.  He also spoke about First Avenue’s equity strategy and a few of its fund holdings.

Master class in investing

First Avenue’s CIO, Hlelo Giyose, recently spoke to Simon Brown about our philosophy what makes great companies, how to spot them and when to buy them.  He also talked about his current preferred stocks.  Click here to listen to the interview on JSE Direct.

Lessons from the Past for the Future

Equity markets are haemorrhaging money globally and emerging markets are bearing the brunt as investors flee from risky assets. In this episode of the MoneyMakers Bruce Whitfield spoke to First Avenue’s Lo Giyose about where to find certainty in global volatility.  He also provides insight into First Avenue’s investment strategy which focuses on companies […]