First Avenue has been managing investments on behalf of its institutional clients since February, 2011. Our clients include direct corporate pension funds, asset consultants, and multi-managers. We offer two options for investment by institutional clilents:

  • Segregated Mandates

  • Unit trust funds (Institutional class)

First Avenue’s strategy is one of simple but strong intentions: valuation-driven equity investment management.  All of our products are managed according to one investment philosophy and process.

Given our specialist equity focus, we offer only two investment strategies – Focused and General Equity.  These strategies differ only by the level of concentration on our best ideas.  The Focused strategy represents our twenty (20) best investment ideas.  The General Equity strategy accomodates client specific risk controls such as tracking error, cash and sector limits, security exclusions, etc. As a result, this strategy can hold up to 30 names in the portfolio.